The Best Affordable full coverage dental insurance

Affordable full coverage dental insurance may be faced by the workers and users of the insured enterprises to reach the same level of treatments.

especially the treatments abroad, the insurance company to meet the construction of a new product Affordable full coverage dental insurance. It is a product that is easy to use.

thanks to its price and is rich in the services it provides, in addition to ensuring that the costs incurred by 15 of the most cost-effective and life-threatening diseases of the patient are guaranteed.

This health coverage is based on the introduction of a basic health system “DIM” Illness (AMO) along with other insurance for the supplementary or primary disease.

This product is associated with several other services, including •

The organization of hospital treatment routes through teams of doctors, counsellors and coordinators monitors patients daily throughout their treatment processes;•

Assistance throughout the stay in France and across Europe, where the coordinators of the logistics are available to the insured to accompany them at all levels while they are abroad (Administrative procedures for admission to the hospital, appointment of appointments etc.);•

Medical expedition and visa procedures, booking of hotel rooms, accommodation apartments, medical or auxiliary medical transport from the country of origin to the state of treatment, and at the local level in the countries where the procedure will take place;•

Medical assistance 24/24 hours (hotline)This insurance is available to the fullest chain that is placed at the disposal of the insured while continuing to anticipate the specific needs of all categories .

Supplementary health insurance (optional insurance) can provide additional services not covered by basic compulsory health insurance, including the right to a private hospital room.

dental treatment, and more effective health coverage in case of accident, which also takes effect when The insured person is located outside Switzerland.