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  • Hundreds of studies looking at teeth  across all kinds of Waterpik situations  and you know his whole is his sum up of.
  • What his life’s work showed him was is  that malocclusion is the malady of civilization you know and you talk to any anthropologist .
  • About dental health  and the funny thing #wikipedia records we have about our human ancestors is all based on .
  • Jaws and teeth so how connected you know you give them  a dental exam what’s so crazy it’s been disconnected right and.
  • You know anthropologists will laugh at you when you ask them about dental health in societies of years gone by it just.
  • Doesn’t happen right yeah it seems like the most obvious question that anyone would ask if they’re digging at these these remains .
  • Like Oh these people all have perfect teeth how is that how is that possible in a in a  lack of all modern dental hygiene .
  • you know of course there’s Weston a price who did ask that question you he was you know working in the  and wondered.

Why people in the industrialized world all seem to have screwed up.

  • Answer that question so tell us you know I’ve talked about Weston Price and written about him extensively but I think some of.
  • My newer listeners may not be familiar with his story and it’s really reviewing I think yeah and this is actually revealing .
  • Amazed what he was actually you know kind of the catalyst to start this whole journey is that you know.
  • I was in dental practice seeing very sick kids coming .