Dental Insurance Michigan was good to percent of treatment time and deliver a very nice occlusion for her that she’s happy with that resolves all of Dental Insurance Michigan .

The cross bite issues and certainly sets her up to have success going.

Dental Insurance Michigan
Dental Insurance Michigan

Forward the midlife is recovered mostly and we have a patient that’s going to be pretty happy with that .

now the chart I was referencing at the beginning truck is a summary of where we are and the cases I introduced you to were mild to moderate aligners.

That let’s say seven days let’s say it’s a seven-day aligner change six weeks they have to have six aligners not three so I give out the number of-aligners .

That makes the six week mark happen so I do like the six week interval when I’m doing the micro stereo perforation and as you gain more experience and you get more comfortable.

Then we start to stretch it so just because of my level of experience with clear line of therapy I tend to give out four to five aligners at a time and that’s using them at two-week intervals so.

I go eight to ten weeks as a standard but if I’m gonna go eight to ten weeks using the micro stereo perforation I might be giving out eight to ten aligners .

if they’re one week changes now if they’re ten week if they’re ten day changes if you have a case that you want to do ten days on let’s say you’re beginning you want to test the waters.

you want to give a ten day a liner out instead of two weeks you don’t want to push the limits let’s say if you’re going to give out a ten-day aligner and you.

want to cover six weeks well times is days so you might want to give out four or five aligners so that you can do a ten day interval and have them back in six weeks so think about the six week interval to get you there okay all right so our time is coming to a close