Dental insurance texas a the bone structure okay so get dental insurance texas the same austere integration as you do with conventional implants this is a wonderful study.

dental insurance texas
dental insurance texas
  • That was performed by dr. Todd shatkin from Buffalo New York there’s an year survival analysis mini.
  • dental implants for long-term prosthetics and what we see here is that when we have connection to full upper dentures or full lower dentures.
  • We’ve got percent success rates over an -year period and when you when you have fixed reconstructions
  • fixed up or fit slower reconstructions you get a percent success rate over years that’s that’s unbelievable that’s fantastic and

That’s what I’ve experienced in my plus years of experience with this technology with this modality so you can have a absolute certainty that your patients are gonna come back with wonderful results a year in year round now for me geologists as you can see.

I’m passionate about it I love it it saves me so much grief and headaches and and generous wonderful revenue for the practice I’m passionate about it and because it is to me it’s the answer to so many questions how many of your current patients have.

a missing tooth Israel think about this face for a moment how many times have you offered a bridge and been rejected how many times did you offer a conventional implant and been told.

I’ll think about it and and and it never gets done patients just don’t get it done because they’re fearful of having the tape cap down how many of your patients were partial dentures because they simply have had no other