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Just text the word bank loan one word ba NK Lao in two three three four four four again that’s bank loan two three three four four four and we will reach out to you thanks guys hello ambitious dentist today I have with us the wonderful Harold Warren vine he is a master of an area of dentistry that I am just completely flummoxed by like I have I it feels like this mysterious place inside of dental practices that to be honest whenever we first started or company to be  outsourced CFOs you know back four years ago which were not you know we don’t we no longer product service we sat down and we saw that the area of of the subject today is an area.

That is just incredibly complex and so Harold is a founder of Apex reimbursement specialist which they specialize in making sure that you guys get to get as much money back from insurance companies as possible so in today’s day and age where insurance reimbursements are consistently falling and you guys are getting squeezed out a fax is being the good guy and trying to get the ball back into your courts so they do a lot of things with insurance they do fee negotiations they also do credentialing and they also do help with understanding the coding that is going on inside of your practice so that you are actually coding the things that need to be coded  Harold now.