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 [dental insurance] we don’t have  reserve waste we don’t have admin waste  we’re satisfying claims with . dollars rather than one cent dollars and  as a result we can deliver rollover if you have a group of a hundred people and  fifty of them don’t go to the dentist and do under the old system the that [dental insurance]  next year they  start off with

[dental insurance]

exactly the same coverage as the that went dental vision insurance our plan they don’t they get a crowded get credit for future work so the  employer has a plan that cost them half as much that could deliver double the claim cap double the claim cap that has roll over for people that didn’t use the  service and that has stability of costs for multiple years in a row there’s

absolutely no doubt I think employers mind which the better plan is the only question ever asked is you know do you  have enough dentists near where I work or where I live my employees so that’s where the half million dollars comes from it comes from the fact that our plan costs less delivers more has higher quality is more fair and stabilizes  price

so express your people ask is okay well wait a minute [dental insurance] I get this so employers are gonna pay me so I’m gonna have this huge mass of patients a , patients how on earth am I gonna do work on , patients at the same time is that the fatal flaw in this plan let’s  say no first of all in any group from an employer typically half the people in the group don’t

show up in a year that’s the data that we have from the  dental vision insurance administrators we’ve talked to you know they’ve been doing this for years but having said that here’s the basic principle everybody who chooses you as  their dentist pays you to dollars a month you know a per person but not everybody needs to go to the dentist at the same time not everybody

needs a root canal on Monday morning not everybody wants their jaw broken for an implant not everybody needs the filling so everybody’s paying you but not everybody’s going in now when people do  go in what happens let’s cover that so when they go in they are used to a typical plan might be a copay plan where [dental insurance] they pay percent