humana dental much sure but the sugary drinks that diet she came up with humana dental all the things that are causing this uptick we have now in fluoridated and unfortunate cities it doesn’t matter there is an uptick and in pediatric dental caries and so.

she said epidemic and it’s because of all those those recent she was totally read yeah in two years after we stopped fluoridation she was on CBC radio again same person we have an epidemic of pediatric dental caries .

humana dental
humana dental

That’s because we stopped our nation in sir you just say that you know you can see and when a pediatric dentist with credibility on public radio says we have an epidemic of pediatric dental caries because we stopped fluoridation what is the press report exactly is it .

true absolutely you know I have a whole lot of dentists that will say they have really haven’t seen any change or maybe a slight uptick but they’re saying you know in an epidemic since we stopped water fluoridation that is not proven in .

a steady there’s actually never been any study in the world double-blind placebo-controlled study done anywhere in the world yeah but they don’t want to because they couldn’t show interesting okay so do we have any other questions coming in over here.

we have some questions and we have some comments that perhaps would be worthwhile to mention like maybe dr. Nixon wants to respond to them so just some simple questions first here people were asking about the type of filters that they could use if .

wire is fluoridated if you want to talk about that a little bit well as with you before it’s reverse osmosis is the primer one you can get and less expensive reverse osmosis system to put under your sink but you have to change those filters every six months .

every year or two and they’re expensive or the whole house reverse osmosis system